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The warranty does not apply if the inflatable:

  • Delaminated following exposure to excessive heat (direct sunlight, prolonged time in the car and / or in the carry bag)

  • Shows an appearance which deteriorates with normal wear and tear

  • Displays aesthetic defects that are impossible to reach (fiberglass or PVC)

  • Shows signs of wear caused by lack of maintenance

  • Has suffered damage as a result of air transport

  • Has suffered damage as a result of negligence, abuse or accident whether during loading, unloading, transport or handling on or off the water

  • Has been used for business purposes such as rental and courses of various kinds

  • Has sustained damage from impact with rocks or other rigid objects

  • Has been incorrectly repaired or modified by people not referred by Bkrazy

  • Has sustained damage from storage that is too humid, too hot or too cold

  • Has suffered damage caused by natural disasters or accidents, such as fire, flood, etc.

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