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Return policy

At Bkrazy we take pride in the products we create and every year we improve our manufacturing with the intention of delivering products that continue to surpass our quality and reputation.

Our quality control allows us to provide the original purchaser with a one (1) year warranty on inflatable products and accessories.

* Pre-order are refundable under certain conditions, a 15 % will apply and will be refund with the original method of purchase.

Guarantee eligibility:

  • If there is a manufacturing defect (delamination, EVA pad that comes off, color defect)

  • A fault in the materials

  • A lack of accessories


For the warranty to be activated, the following information must be sent to us within 7 days of the defect being noted:

  • Contact information

  • Order number

  • Board model

  • Brief description of the manufacturing defect

  • Photos / videos to help us analyze demand

  • Claim Form

If the product is returned to us, it must be in like-new condition and in the original shipping box.

Send us the request to the following email address:

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