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Bkrazy's Inflatable Kayak / SUP Hybrid is a very versatile product that can be used either as an inflatable kayak or as an inflatable paddleboard. Simply remove the upper part and your kayak quickly becomes a very stable paddleboard. With its raised sides the hybrid is an ideal product to be accompanied by another person or an animal.


Designed to be used in a lakes, rivers or in the ocean this model will be appreciated by all users. The shorter models are better suited for catching certain waves, while the longer and wider models are intended for heavier paddlers or families who will be paddling together on a single board.


The Drop Stitch Light technology makes the new advanced range of Bkrazy the inflatable SUP with the best value for your money on the market. The internal structure with very fine mesh of thousands of polyester threads that binds the top lawyer and the bottom lawyer allows a high internal pressure between 10-15 psi



Carry bag : With superior design and materials, robust, ergonomic with shoulder strap and wheels.


Pump : Portable hand pump capable of inflating up to 25 psi.


Fins : Slide in high quality rigid plastic central fin for better performance. 2 small side fins


Paddle : 1 High quality adjustable aluminum paddle that can be used as a kayak or paddleboard paddle


Foot support: Foot support bar that can be removed and adjusted to suit the user size


Cup holder: Portable cup holder allowing you to put your favorite beverage


Repair kit


Inflatable kayak seat

Hybrid Kayak/SUP Aqua

$799.00 Regular Price
$675.00Sale Price
  • Non-slip EVA mat with crocrodile finish for great comfort and maximum grip 

    Equipped with elastic straps for storage on the board

    Specially designed strong neoprene carry handles for comfortable grip

    Stainless steel D-rings allow the board to be anchored to a dock

    Improved air valve with better seal for easier inflation and deflation

    Removable tool-free installation fins

    2 carbons reinforcement belts on the top and bottom of the board. 3 times more rigid than a low-end board

    Double carbon reinforced sides for greater strength and torsional rigidity

  • Model name : Hybrid Kayak / SUP Aqua

    Length : 11 feet

    Width : 33 inch

    Height: 14 inches

    Maximum load: 380 lbs

    Net weight: 42 lbs

    Maximum air pressure: 10-15 psi

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