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The Bkrazy black/yellow inflatable gymnastics mat is the perfect tool for training at home. Bring the gym home! The Airtrack is ideal for all floor exercises and cheerleading passes. Whether you are at home, on vacation or at a friend's house, you can always train like in the gym! The home airtrack is one of our most popular products. It inflates in 2 minutes and deflates in less than 5 minutes. It is easy to store in its carrying bag and to drag anywhere.


The Drop Stitch Light technology makes the new advanced range of Bkrazy the floating dock with the best value for money on the market. The internal structure with very fine mesh of thousands of polyester threads that binds the skin above and the skin below allows a high internal pressure of 15 psi



Transport bag

Electric pump

Repair kit

Inflatable Gym Mat (airtrack) Black/Yellow

  • Poignée de transport en néoprène solide spécialement conçue pour une prise confortable


    Valve à air amélioré avec une meilleure étanchéité facilitant le gonflage et le dégonflage


    2 ceintures de renfort centrales en matériaux composites fusionnés sur le PVC, sur le dessus et le dessous du tapis. 


    Cotés double renforcé pour plus de solidité et rigidité en torsion. 

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